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911 Bridal Bag

There’s no doubt that you’re going to look stunningly gorgeous on your wedding day, but be prepared for disasters. You’re going to need a bridal emergency bag to get you through the day. If you have bridesmaids, assign the bag to them and if you’re riding solo, put everything in a small shoulder bag that’s easy to carry around. This is important, especially for brides who are having spring and summer weddings in warmer climates. Here’s what you’ll need to keep it together:

1. EMERGENCY: “Oh my gosh, it ripped!” This could happen to you, the groom, and anyone else in the bridal party.

TO THE RESCUE: Needle and thread; But let’s face it, most of us have no idea how to sew, so having a few safety pins can temporarily solve the problem. oakley outlet There’s no reason to put the ceremony or party on hold because of a little funk.

2. EMERGENCY: “My feet are hurting already.” There’s no such thing. Take it out of your dictionary. Just kidding!

TO THE RESCUE: Flats. You’re going to want to boogie down on your big day and getting your hands on a pair of ballet flats will have you on the dance floor all oakley outlet night long. For added comfort, I always recommend getting perforated flats because it will give you extra ventilation and prevent friction burns and blisters.

3. EMERGENCY: “I’m melting.” Yes, you are going to get hot, sweaty and gross.

TO THE RESCUE: Wet wipes and scent oakley outlet ed deodorant. You don’t want to be running off to t oakley outlet he bathroom every few minutes to check if you’re guest ready. Freshen up with the tiny travel sizes from the local market.

4. EMERGENCY: “I knew I was going to cry!” And now you’re crying a river and about to drown in it.

TO THE RESCUE: Good quality makeup. This is the one day you will need to look flawless and stress free. Stay as cool as a cucumber by regularly touching up your face. Make sure to also stash a tube of ChapStick for pesky flyaways. Just rub a little on your finger and smooth down the unruly strands.

5. EMERGENCY: “It spilled all over my.”

TO THE RESCUE: Instant stain remover. This little baby can confine itself to the smallest quarters imaginable. Whatever and whenever you spill something on your lovely bridal gown, just pop off the top and dab out the spot. You won’t have to worry about the corruption of your angelically white couture gown.

6. EMERGENCY: “I’ve got spinach in my teeth” Yuck!

TO THE RESCUE: Dental flossers. Halfway through your three course menu, cameras are flashing, guests are sending their congratulations and nothing green and dangly should be hanging from your two front teeth. Use the flossers right after dinner, touch up your makeup, and get ready to bust out your moves like Jagger.

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